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Retirement and Income Planning


Planning for your retirement means more than creating wealth strategies for the golden days of retirement. At RPS, we believe in a holistic approach to developing your retirement plan, which is why our process also includes income planning. Planning for your future does not stop once you are no longer employed.

We want to ensure that you can provide yourself with a steady stream of income during your retirement years to sustain you and your loved ones without affecting your lifestyle.
We believe that this is the time when your life should change to meet your dreams — to set out on the trip you always planned in your mind, to take action, and deliver on your promises to spend more time with the family. All without having to ask yourself, “Do I have enough, and will it last?”

Our team of professionals will help prepare you for your retirement years, maintain your lifestyle, and explore new income avenues. All of this is done following a conservative approach that uses various financial products, including annuities and insurance, to help you create, preserve and pass on as much income as possible.

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