Retirement Planning Services, a Maryland-based financial planning firm. At RPS we focus on helping retirees and those preparing for retirement to maximize their finances throughout their semi-retired and non-working years.

Our Services


Our team of professionals will help prepare you for your retirement years, maintain your lifestyle, and new avenues of income.


We aim to preserve, generate and transfer the wealth of our clients to future generations via sound, conservative and ever-evolving financial management tools and techniques.


We work closely with firms providing estate planning, income tax preparation, tax coaching, real estate and title services to help ensure that you can take full advantage of all benefits available to you when you choose to plan ahead.

Our standards

Retirement Planning Services, Inc. treats all personal information in a confidential manner based on the highest ethical standards. We will not share personal data or information with any individual or organization without prior authorization.


3 Easy steps to success

The process is quite simple


Step 1 Analyze your current situation

Define your short and long-term goals to see what you are looking to do differently, both now and in the future. When researching your options, educate yourself on your needs and match them against the services of the planners you are considering.


Step 2 Identify what you are looking for in a planner

It is important to keep in mind that you will be working with your financial planner throughout your life. Identify your personal preferences to help ensure that your planner is aligned with your needs and preferences.


Step 3 Do your homework

Today there are many companies to choose from, but how do you know which one to pick? Call for information, attend a seminar or workshop, or set up an appointment to meet directly.

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